Time to lift yourself as a leader?

If you as a leader are in a green restructuring process, a global merger or other process of change technologically or market-wise, then you may experience:

⦁ being controlled by working hard and fearing whether you will reach the finish line
⦁ inner confusion that creates indecision and lack of direction
⦁ that focus on power and prestige has led you away from yourself and your family
⦁ not to be able to create companionship and be the present leader
⦁ inner stagnation, or the desire for a whole new direction

Then you are one of many leaders who know that the future calls on ALL of you as a responsible leader.

This transforming course is for you who want to create sustainable leadership and:

⦁ develop your unique leadership style
⦁ get head and heart to work together
⦁ balance your masculine and feminine side
⦁ transforming fear into inner wisdom
⦁ strengthen your intuition
⦁ experience that inner meaning creates courage and passion
⦁ achieve overview, calm, clarity
⦁ rediscover sound reflection, action and direction
⦁ be able to set your boundaries naturally
⦁ build trust in your relationships

This development process requires self-insight and a solid foundation, which I support you in establishing.

The prerequisite is that you have control of the subject-specific within your field, so that the focus can be on a course around you and your leadership. In addition, it requires that you are interested in personal development, people and processes – and that you are open and ready for change.

If you are ready to say YES to yourself – then I can help you create clarity and awareness in you.

At the same time, I give insight into what opportunities lie ahead for you professionally and privately, which are concrete and ready to act on.

Once you’ve seen the road, you can walk it.

Your path into New Era Leadership:

  • insight / wisdom
  • transformation in the body
  • integrity from the heart
  • action in flow

Here’s how:

In my approach, I combine the elements I can see through my 20+ years as a management and organizational consultant work combined with what is going to make the difference:

Are you ready for a transformative development process?

It takes place in my bright and quiet rooms in Rungsted, virtually or at another location by appointment.

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