Does your business need new impetus and green transformation?

This course is for you who are:

⦁ leader in an organization
⦁ business owner
⦁ board member
⦁ entrepreneur

As your sparring partner, I can support you in two areas:

⦁ You want to secure the future of your business and create a green circular change. You want to balance economic growth with sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Working with a green agenda raises many new questions for existing work processes, partners and the value chain you are part of.

I support you in developing the green business plan while creating the change.

⦁ Your organization needs to adapt and understand the new changes.

I support you in how you can best create the changes internally – step by step – so you achieve transition and your employees understand and follow you.

You are the cornerstone in the development of your business; therefore, we start with the elements in “You and your leadership“, which is to:

⦁ develop your unique leadership style
⦁ get head and heart to work together
⦁ transform fear into inner wisdom
⦁ inner meaning creates courage and passion
⦁ achieve overview, calm, clarity

then we focus on your business:

⦁ impending changes, e.g. green transition and circular solutions
⦁ the company’s culture, strategies and values
⦁ customers, partners, surrounding communities
⦁ relation to other managers, the department, your employees
⦁ goals, processes and daily operations

In New Era Leadership, it is absolutely crucial that you become the culture and the values ​​and believe in the strategies. When those elements live in you and when you communicate from the heart, you will find that you can navigate in a whole new way in your business and create the sustainable results you dream of.

Heart- and wisdom-based leadership creates a sustainable business and world.

Are you ready for a transformative development process for you and your business?

It takes place in my bright and quiet rooms in Rungsted, virtually or at another location by appointment.

Start with an in-depth personal profile if you need to become more aware of yourself and what you want to focus on in the process. Read more ›

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