The world is changing and it requires organizations to transform and leaders to take the lead.

Old dogmas and ways of running organizations have been played out. Humans need a new worldview so we can breathe freely and take in new inspiration.

But what is it that we need to pursue, and how are we going to live it so that real change is going to happen on a human level so that organizations can change?


Whole people, healthy organizations – how?

During this lecture, I will share my experiences and understanding around human design and spiritual intelligence. How wisdom and answers already reside in us, and how we can redeem it for the benefit of organizations, society, and the world.

If it sounds interesting, I look forward to inspiring you to be able to stand in yourself, and to understand what the individual change will mean for the whole.

Depending on how much time is available, I will adjust the depth of the lecture.

Contact me on phone +45 2010 7942, if you want to book a lecture or to hear more.