Vitality. Peace. Insight. Action. New inspiration.

Conversations that transform

Livskraft. Ro. Indsigt. Handlekraft. Ny inspiration.

Conversations that transform

Livskraft. Ro. Indsigt. Handlekraft. Ny inspiration.

your company

your leadership

your life

Livskraft. Ro. Indsigt. Handlekraft. Ny inspiration.

your business

your leadership

your life

Ulla Eskerod, Executive and Spiritual Mentor, Lecturer
20+ years of experience in organizational development, MBA

din forretning

dit lederskab

dit liv

Ulla Eskerod, Executive & Spirituel Mentor, Foredragsholder
20+ års erfaring med ledelses- og organisationsudvikling, MBA

Do you and your business need to be strengthened for a sustainable future?

NEW ERA LEADERSHIP calls for leaders who are brave and understand that fear is the main barrier to success in the future, both on a personal and organizational level.

Having the courage to act in new ways is the antidote to fear.

Change happens from the inside out. Your inner strength mirrors your external results.

You must let go of something in order to have what you desire.

My approach is rational, intuitive, and clairvoyant, so that transformation can happen in your body and rumination can be overcome. You will receive concrete inputs on how to create sustainable leadership and put green business development into practice.

This process will make room for your true leadership skills to emerge, and for you to cultivate positive development of your co-workers and nurture a healthy corporate culture inside your company.

If we’re going to do this together, then continue.

The inner and outer development goals

New Time Leadership develops your inner sustainability (IDG) and has a positive impact on all 17 goals (SDG), but focuses primarily on:

#3 Health and well-being
#5 Gender equality
#8 Decent jobs and economic growth
#9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
#17 Partnerships for Action

”In 2022, two of my clients received a Great Place to Work recognition and the Djøf’s Leadership Award”

Customers I work with: