New era leadership groups

Well-functioning leadership teams are the foundation of culture and value creation. My main role is to be the facilitator of the honest dialogue to open up for development, sustainable leadership and green transition.

In connection with the leadership team off-site day(s), we work e.g. with:

⦁ letting go of habitual thinking and let new inspiration have a place in the collaboration
⦁ creating trust, openness and the right knowledge sharing
⦁ asking the good questions
⦁ focusing on the essentials for the entire leadership team
⦁ making joint decisions that everyone commits to

Good personal leadership x Focus on shared responsibilities = Effective leadership team

A well-functioning leadership team consists of individual leaders, each of whom pursues good leadership. At the same time, they have an understanding of which common responsibilities must be focused on in order to achieve goals in a green circular transition.

By having a healthy leadership culture with openness, honesty and accountability to each other and the tasks, the group is strengthened. That culture creates increased commitment and efficiency that spreads throughout the organization.

The future calls for New Era Leaders who rest in themselves and ask evolving questions. Questions that open up new insights into the individual. You must be able to coach, motivate and inspire. At the same time, you must be able to create team spirit and collaborate in a respectful way. But most importantly, you must take the lead with a human face and deliver on the sustainable strategy.

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